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Movement workshop

Dor Mamalia is a world renowned celebrated dancer who won the Israeli Ministry of Culture prize for the Best Cast Performance.

He started his professional dance training at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Ga’aton in Israel.

Dor continued to teach workshops based on his self-developed technique and joined the Luzerner Tanz Theatre ensemble. He recently premiered his solo creation „I choose you“ in Moscow.

Dor Mamalia, Israel
16.45-17.45 Uhr Pilates
17.45-19.00 Uhr Ballett
19.00-19.45 Uhr Stretching

1 Class CHF 30.-
2 Classes CHF 60.-
3 Classes CHF 70.-

Anmelden unter: 079 841 00 66 oder

Bezahlung vor Ort.

Dor is a certified Pilates instructor, with a diploma in Anatomy, as well as, an Autodidact who self studies and explores Feldenkryze, Yoga, Release and Floor-work, all of which he incorporates in his Dancer and Athletes Rehabilitation.

Dancer at «TheProject» Israeli Opera House and at the Bayerischen Staatsoper Munich
Vertigo Dance Company and Idan Sharabi & Dancers-Company
Teacher and Workshops at NDT2, Royal Danish Ballet and Danish Dance Theatre

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